Title Run

2015 Ohio Bootblack Chrissi presenting 2016 Ohio Bootblack Kiltgrrl with Ohio Bootblack stole.

My Ohio Bootblack title year ended in May of 2017; however, I have been asked to carry the title for another year and the current title year will end in May of 2018. During this second title year, I will continue to be bootblacking at events, teaching classes on leather care, judging contests, and caring for other title holders leather to prepare them for competitions. If you would like me to be involved with your event or are looking for leather care, please feel free to contact me.

Title runs are full of expenses due to required appearances at fundraisers, title contests, and other events. If you’d like to contribute to my travel fund to help with my expenses (gasoline, tolls, parking, hotels, tickets, supplies, etc.), you may:

  • send a donation via PayPal (see Donate button below)
  • purchase a title pin (Ohio Heart & Sole)
  • donate items to be used for fundraisers (raffles, auctions, etc.)
  • purchase items from my wish list for bootblacking supplies
  • sit in my chair to have your leather cared for and leave a tip in my cigar box (either at events or during a private appointment with me)
  • hire me for a private class or private group class (I teach on a variety of topics)

Below is a list of where my journey has taken me so far…

2016: May 20-22Great Lakes Leather Alliance Ohio (GLLA OH)Cleveland OHContestant (won Ohio Bootblack 2016 title)
2016: May 27-29Power eXchange Summit (PXS)Columbus OHBootblack; Presenter
2016: June 4Ferndale PrideFerndale MIAppearance
2016: June 5Leather Stallion Saloon "Sash Bash"Cleveland OHAppearance
2016: June 12Motor City PrideDetroit MIParticipant
2016: June 18Columbus PrideColumbus OHParticipant
2016: July 8-9EnclaveColumbus OHBootblack
2016: July 20-24CampOUTFrench Lick INBootblack Crew Coordinator; Cigar, Bootblacks, and Chocolate Host; Presenter
2016: July 31Castle Treue "Cigar, Bourbon, Leather"Kent OHBootblack
2016: August 6House of HIRT: Army of MECleveland OHBootblack
2016: August 20Toledo Leather Club & Georgjz Pre-Pride Leather NightToledo OHEvent Coordinator, Bootblack
2016: August 27Toledo PrideToledo OHParticipant
2016: September 17R&J Leather boy ContestCleveland OHBootblack
2016: September 9-11Central Ohio Perversion Excursion (COPE)Columbus OHBootblack, Presenter
2016: September 2Leather in the Afternoon at the SPACEColumbus OHPresenter
2016: October 13-16GLLA (regional)Indianapolis INContestant
2016: December 10Leather Stallion Saloon "An Old Fashioned Christmas with Mr. and Miss Cleveland Leather"Cleveland OHBootblack
2017: February 4Winter WickednessColumbus OHBootblack
2017: March 4Cleveland Puppy ContestCleveland OHBootblack
2017: March 18Mr. Cleveland Bear ContestCleveland OHBootblack
2017: March 27-30Cleveland Leather Alliance Weekend (CLAW)Cleveland OHBootblack
2017: April 19Toledo Leather Club SloshToledo OHBootblack
2017: May 12-13Great Lakes Leather Alliance Ohio (GLLA-OH) ContestCleveland OH(asked to carry Ohio Bootblack title for another year)
2017: May 19-21Power Exchange Summit (PXS)Columbus OHAttendee
2017: June 17Columbus PrideColumbus OHParticipant
2017: June 24Cleveland PrideCleveland OHParticipant
2017: July 12Toledo Leather Club SloshToledo OHCo-Host
2017: July 29Ohio Master/slave Bar NightDayton OHBootblack
2017: August 5Aeden EduToledo OHPresenter
2017: August 5Aeden EduToledo OHPresenter
2017: August 5Aeden EduToledo OHPresenter
2017: August 6Toledo Leather Club Cigars, Bootblacks, and BeveragesToledo OHCo-Host
2017: August 11-13Bootblack RoundupSt. Louis MOPresenter, Bootblack
2017: August 19Toledo PrideToledo OHParticipant
2017: August 28Castle Treue Cigar, Bourbon, & LeatherKent OHBootblack
2017: September 9Toledo Leather Club Bar Night & Miss Ohio Leather GLLA Send-offToledo OHCo-Host
2017: September 28-October 1Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA)Indianapolis INContestant Support (Miss Ohio Leather for Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride)
2017: October 11Toledo Leather Club SloshToledo OHCo-Host
2017: October 20Not Your Average Bear ContestLouisville KYJudge
2017: November 18Miss Gay Toledo PageantToledo OHJudge
2017: December 16Toledo Leather Club Bar NightToledo OHCo-Host
2018: January 27Bear and Leather PartyToledo OHBootblack
2018: February 03-05International Person of Leather (IPoL)Las Vegas NVContestant Support (Miss Ohio Leather for International Person of Leather)
2018: February 17-18Beat My ValentineIndianapolis INAtendee