10264956_1559028327760176_6664987747144152167_nA peacemaker by nature, I enjoy the puzzle pieces that are human beings. I am mediator for the Michigan and Ohio courts as well as a conflict consultant that helps people settle disputes in their everyday lives. I enjoy teaching what I call “human being skills” and have developed conflict resolution classes tailored to different settings and lifestyles.

I am a member of the Bootblack Divas and founder of Toledo Leather Care, a Toledo based community dedicated to education of leather care for people of all experience and skill levels. I am the 2016 Ohio Bootblack titleholder (GLLA OH) and am happiest with polish under my nails from working leather and blacking boots. My love affair with tending leather has kept my love, Traeonna, both looking good and highly amused.

My partner and I bring laughter to the adventure of learning by sharing our life experiences, both the successes and mistakes, and blend our skills and knowledge to present on a variety of topics including communication, energy work, connective practices, alternative relationship styles, and conflict resolution in relationships.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, playing with power tools, and making my red head laugh.